Are you looking to start a new exciting hobbie as a cocktail bartender? Perhaps you just want to learn the skills so you can earn money whilst travelling. Or maybe you just fancy learning something new and cool to show off at parties! We can transform into a trained bartender in just 2 hours.

If you have don`t basic bar experience neither have never had any formal training then our course is also perfect for you as you will learn everything: The essentials and more advanced mixology and bartending techniques step by step.

Groups of 20 persons, bring as many friends as you can!


19:00 : Start the class!

20:15 Finish the class and start the acrobatic show with cocktails! We will put music and sell drinks, you can invite friends for free to the show!

If you have any doubt, contact us!

When: Saturday 29th February, from 19:00hs till 21:00hs

Where: Carrer de Fontcoberta 23, Sarria, Barcelona.

Duration: 1,15 hs (class) + acrobatic show with cocktails (0,5 hs), after that you can do your own party there!

Price: 20€/person (includes class, supplies, drinks and acrobatic show with cocktails after class)

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